Best sites for UK football Betting

The Premier League has only existed in its current form since 1992, but of course football has a much longer tradition in its mother country and thus a much greater radiance. Given that England is also the unofficial motherland of sports betting, it should come as no surprise that Premier League bets can be found at almost every betting company that conducts football betting.

How popular are Premier League for football betting?

The popularity of football betting on the Premier League is closely linked to the global TV presence that the league has built up since it was founded in 1992. The games of Liverpool FC, Manchester United, Chelsea & Co. are now broadcast live on all continents, and many clubs and players are known to a wide audience from the European Cup. Since England was so strong at the 2018 World Cup, that has only increased.

Since football betting are very popular with tipsters, it is not surprising that every betting provider known to us who has football in their portfolio also offers odds on Premier League bets. As live betting is becoming more and more popular and the Premier League is shown around the globe, it offers the ideal platform for the thrill of placing bets on the fly.

Why are Premier League bets lucrative?

The high density of top teams makes the betting odds on the Premier League interesting. While in the Bundesliga there is at most a worthwhile quota for the permanent champions Bayern against BVB, tips on Liverpool and Manchester City are not only worthwhile in a direct duel: They are also against Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal London and Manchester United Odds mostly over 1.50.

Exactly how good are the odds in the Premier League for football betting?

Exactly how good are the odds in the Premier League for football betting?

With betway, we deliberately selected a bookmaker who does not sponsor the Bundesliga and Premier League in order to have an average odds level, and compared two game days in the leagues. We found: The average rate of a home win, i.e. the most popular tip in football among betting friends, was 2.45 in the Bundesliga and 2.49 in the Premier League.

It became even clearer with over 2.5 bets: In the Bundesliga, the duel with the best odds had a 1.90, the other eight games were below 1.80. In the Premier League that same weekend, we got odds of over 1.80 on the over 2.5 market in five out of ten games. So every second duel had a strong rate of more than two hits.

Another advantage of Premier League betting that should not be underestimated: The lack of a winter break. While the other major European leagues will stop playing shortly before Christmas, things will simply continue on the island. The “Boxing Day”, ie games on Christmas Day, have just as much tradition as games on New Year's Day. In addition, there will be games in the cup during this time.

The best bookmakers for Premier League betting

How do you recognize a good betting provider? Example: high odds, many betting markets – also live – and of course the highest level of reliability. In our opinion, this fully applies to the world's best bookmaker, bet365, which should be your first choice for Premier League bets.